Why workplace bullying needs to stop

Great video provided by the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill. At some point the workplace needs to recognize this issue. It is serious and damaging to the employees and the culture of the organization.

Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill

Think bullying does your workplace any favors? Think again. Workplace bullying pushes away the very employees who uphold respect, dignity, and integrity. “Strong people will automatically stop trying if they feel unwanted. They won’t fix it or beg. They’ll just walk away.” Watch this video to understand how workplace bullying wreaks havoc on getting work done.

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Balancing Trump – Can Journalists Confront Bullies?

Wow…do you see Trump as a bully? Oh yes, in my opinion! I do not think the journalist are able to really handle Trump on the campaign trail. I believe there is some lack of understanding-but again, are they just shocked of how low or high he goes? Is Trump expressing his “white privilege” as commented by so many? I would love to hear your thoughts on Trump whether you agree or disagree.


It was personal for me when Hillary Clinton calmly responded to the racist tone of the current presidential campaign: “Everywhere I go, people tell me how concerned they are by the divisive rhetoric coming from my opponent in this election.” She sounded so different than she has in other speeches. With just the right tone, she went point by point backed up by fact after fact. And then everything turned upside down. Uncomfortable with gray areas, talk show hosts and pundits quickly reframed the dialog as a schoolyard scrap.

…the meme of both sides dragging the presidential campaign to new lows has taken hold across the media. This palpably absurd argument was being stated as the sad truth across the Sunday shows this morning. – Huffington Post 8/28/16

Lessons Learned Fighting Bullies

A newsroom that goes with “he said, she said” when a call can be made is engaged in reckless behavior that may easily blow up in…

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Sexism, Ageism & The Presidency

What do you think about this article? Share your thoughts? Do you agree? There are some good points made in the Sexism, Ageism & The Presidency article. The ladies highlighted are awesome!


Men, too, are of course subjected to age discrimination, but they do not sit at the intersection of sexism and ageism that leaves professional older women without the glory or accolades — or, more importantly, real power — to show for their years of hard work. – Reuters

If you’ve spent any time on social media you’ve probably come across some of the conspiracy trolls who post hideous ageist comments and doctored photos of Hillary Clinton. These are urgently retweeted as if Dorian Gray’s painting has just been found hidden away in her attic. Donald Trump, who is actually older than Hillary Clinton, has amassed a laundry list of sexist comments of his own over the years: “And frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get five percent of the vote. The only thing she’s got going is the women’s card, and the beautiful thing is, women…

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Ted talk-Let’s teach for mastery, not test scores-Sal Khan

As I listened to this Ted talk by Sal Khan I was wondering if  the same logic could be used in the workplace? Even though we are not testing our employees, but we are measuring performance. We do train employees as well, but not at their pace, but based on the organization’s need. I am not a fan of the once a year employee evaluation for employees. I am in favor of good sound realistic performance measures. So with this same logic -could be crafted for the work place?  Per the website, “this talk comes from the PBS special “TED Talks: Education Revolution” which premieres Tuesday, September 13.”

What do you think? I would love to see some comments on this.


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New study shows that prolonged exposure to workplace bullying can lead to suicide – and it can happen to anyone

Another opportunity for organizations to view the cost of bullying. MA really wants to pass a bill. This article brings out excellence points. I ask now, why is there not a law to prevent this action. My study agrees with these finding and also shows information from a witnesses prospective. Google Bullying in the Workplace: A Phenomenological Study by Dr. Shelley Viola Murphy.

Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill

Bullying concept in workplace with angry and afraid eggs charact

Researchers have finally found that workplace bullies can drive their targets to suicide. In fact, the study published in the American Journal of Public Health last September revealed that bullied targets are twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts than those who were never bullied. Pioneer Heinz Leymann estimated that 10 percent of those bullied take their lives, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) article “The very real link between workplace bullying and suicide: Twice as likely to contemplate suicide.”

Researchers defined bullying as harassment, badgering, and freezing out that:

  • Occurred repeatedly over a period of time.
  • Involved two parties in which one had a higher ranking than the other.

It happens so often that there’s now a term for it. “Bullycide” happens when the cause of suicide is attributable to the victim having been bullied.

How workplace bullying can lead any of us to suicide (“bullycide”)

Researchers also tested to see if qualities of workplace bullying…

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How businesses lose when they keep a bully on payroll

Yes they lose, good insight and thanks MA for bring this article forward. HR’s should be presenting this evidence to the organizations. Maybe the organizations getting hit in the budget will help them realize they are losing work production by not addressing bullying.

Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.06.02 PM.png
Those who’ve been bullied at work say that bullies didn’t just harm their health and personal relationships. Bullies actually harmed their organizations. Here’s how:
  • Employees lose trust in employers who protect bullies. When they lose trust, their morale and productivity go down.
  • Productivity also decreases when great employees focus on fear of more bullying.
  • Employees lose money from absenteeism and turnover, which costs organization big bucks in training.
  • Since great employees leave their organizations when bullied, companies lose employees who would have helped build a better company.

When costs go up for organizations, consumers and taxpayers lose.

Statistics from the Workplace Bullying Institute, 2014.

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9 reasons a bully bullies

Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill takes a look at the 9 reasons bullies bully. Interesting and very valid. How do we stop the bullying in the workplace? Schoolyard to the board room. What are you thoughts, do these 9 reasons match your thoughts on why bullies bully?

Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill


If we think about murder or another criminal activity, the characteristics of the targets are often irrelevant. For murder to occur less often, we look at what really matters: the murderer profile. How does he tick? Why does he resort to murder? Only when we understand the motivation can we start to prevent the behavior.

Workplace bullying is another immoral behavior that requires looking at why bullies bully to understand how to stop it. So let’s steer the workplace bullying conversation away from bullying targets and onto the bullies. In his blog post “Why do people bully? 9 reasons for bullying,” Samuel Ha goes into the mind of a bully.

The workplace bully:

1. Has been bullied before

Family and peer bullying lead to targets feeling worthless. Targets then feel so angry that they take their anger out on others. For those who experienced bullying in childhood, bullying may be all they…

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