9 reasons a bully bullies

Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill takes a look at the 9 reasons bullies bully. Interesting and very valid. How do we stop the bullying in the workplace? Schoolyard to the board room. What are you thoughts, do these 9 reasons match your thoughts on why bullies bully?

Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill


If we think about murder or another criminal activity, the characteristics of the targets are often irrelevant. For murder to occur less often, we look at what really matters: the murderer profile. How does he tick? Why does he resort to murder? Only when we understand the motivation can we start to prevent the behavior.

Workplace bullying is another immoral behavior that requires looking at why bullies bully to understand how to stop it. So let’s steer the workplace bullying conversation away from bullying targets and onto the bullies. In his blog post “Why do people bully? 9 reasons for bullying,” Samuel Ha goes into the mind of a bully.

The workplace bully:

1. Has been bullied before

Family and peer bullying lead to targets feeling worthless. Targets then feel so angry that they take their anger out on others. For those who experienced bullying in childhood, bullying may be all they…

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